Contract Engineering Services

Smart Systems Technologies offers a unique mixed of talent and tools to either assist or deliver on product design or development requirements.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Smart Systems Technologies can assemble both thru-hole and SMT in quantities of 1's to 10,000's. Specialize in Burn-In and starting from the concept to delivery tested ready for production boards.

The emPower Security/Automation System

Smart Systems Technologies designs and manufactures a residential, commercial and industrial security, automation, HVAC controlling, utility monitoring/control electronic product.

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Semiconductor Burn-In Boards

Smart Systems Technologies has talent, tools and processes in place to deliver reliable burn-in board solutions to the semiconductor industry.

Our unique mix of custom product development and flexible contract manufacturing makes Smart Systems Technologies a strong partner.

One of Smart Systems Technologies speciality areas is in residential, commercial and industrial product development and production. We serve two primary customer groups: original equipment manufacturers and end-users.

Smart Systems Technologies also specializes in the manufacturing and production of proprietary products designed to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Finally, Smart Systems Technologies offer its engineering and manufacturing capabilities and expertise for industry partners to efficiently expidite the needs presented by these business segments.

Sun December 2 2012

emPower Iridium 2 software version 2.2.4d released for production. Adds audio support for the Russound CAA66 home audio distribution product.

Thu July 5 2012

Release an update of the Virtual Touchscreen program, iEmpower, to iTunes for the iPhone and iTouch to improve support of Intranet or Internet connectivity.

Tue October 12 2010

Release of the Virtual Touchscreen program, iEmpower, to iTunes for the iPhone and iTouch to enhance accessibility to and controllability of the emPower system.

Wed May 26 2010

Integrated Custom Electronics, located within the Chicago Illinois area, signs dealer agreement for the emPower product line.